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Message from Board Member

Lokraj Bhandari


KEF Higher Secondary School is a grown up academy. It has passed 23 years. This School imparts quality education enjoying the national and international competitions.

The school management is proud to share that there are following icons to support quality education.

• School management committee formulates the goals and strategies after the discussion in the joint meeting of advisory board, teacher parents association and representatives of students; on the proposal designed by academic administrators.

• This school family toils to meet school's mission: "School is for such type of education that invents for national development ". It is realized from the student centered teaching learning activities, monthly evaluation (exam), reporting and counseling to students and guardians, and so on.

• Right goals, i.e conceptual learning and transfer the learning into pragmatic field, empowering students to pass NEB Exams securing first division to first division with distinction.

• School rules and regulations transfer the school mission and goal into reality.

• There is strong supervision in term of executing the school rule and responsibilities of faculties and students.

• We frequently counsel students for developing positive attitude and discourage their wrong motive.

• We organize abundant of seminars and workshops to broaden students prospective with guest lectures, field researches and expert meetings.

This is the age of mutual efforts for the success. We can realize it in term of involvement in policy making, financing and facing the challenges. Therefore, I hereby encourage enthusiastic students to admit KEF SS. Similarly, I request the parents to guide their own off springs make them bona-fide students of KEF Secondary School and meet their high ambition which is our ambition too. Thank you.

Dilliram Adhikari


It’s a great pleasure to welcome all the enthusiastic and highly potential learners in this educational landmark. KEF Secondary School established 23 years ago, now has been proven itself as a milestone in Science and Management streams. It has become an academia to win international school award. The +2 program at KEF is not merely a tool for certification in hands of students but imparting value oriented and useful foundation for knowledge and nurturing the power of reasoning. This can help the students to successfully compete with their academic rivals.

Our highly qualified teachers are passionate and enthusiastic educators who inspire our students to achieve outstanding result in the board examination of NEB. Not only academically, the students have fostered their skills in games and sports. I am assured that our school will be a beacon of light radiating kindness and compassion to our students for their academic excellence. We are really inspired from the achievement of our students in Science and Management streams. Sound academic environment, tranquil locality and qualified faculty members have paved the way of success in both management and science streams. With a collaborative effort among school family and community, we will anticipate increased independence and hold students’ accountability to modes of behaviour that encourage core values promoting empathy and responsibility. Our purpose will be achieved by fostering mutual respect in a safe environment where the Management and Science unite to produce young people of strong, compassionate character capable of succeeding in the global arena.

Nawin Pyasi Adhikari


KEF SS is one of the grown up and reputed academic institutions since the past. It has proved one of the successful colleges by its deeds and achievements which has been obviously possible by its sincere students, dedicated, cultivated, well-motivated co-operative teaching staff, scientific and systematic administration, responsible parents and well wishers. Due to these factors it has been successful to produce several local, national and international competitive personnels in different fields. It has been a milestone of academic excellence in Science and Management stream. We can proudly claim that students have really expanded the horizon of their knowledge to be apt even in abroad. We don’t ever inspire students to be bookish but monitor them how to adjust in contemporary situation having, the motive to have selfreliant, assertiveness, optimistic and practical. So, I want to assure that we are fully committed to change students’ dreams into reality. Even we wish to foster student’s inner talent in both Management and Science stream so that they can easily shape and adjust their lives in this global village.

Ex. M.P. Mr. Somnath Adhikari Pyasi


I am extremely delighted to drop of my few words about one of the pioneering private colleges, KEF SS in Pokhara. It’s like the shining

star which has tried to be a leading college in terms of students’ career, academic excellence, national education system and all round development of the society and nation. Unlike other, it’s not inclined to make financial transaction but is proven to be the service goal

oriented, practical academic institution from where the celebrities have gained their expertise and professional career on different fields in national and international arena. I really feel that it won’t be in slow motion until its goals are achieved and reach its significance even in international level. All these have been possible due to dedicated teaching staff, implementation of scientific pedagogy, modernised well equipped infrastructures, tranquil teaching atomsphere and efficient administration. I hope it will be always in the pace of progress in various aspects adopting new idealogy and modernism in future.